If your camera is not listed, the book can still help you to learn spotmetering/partial metering. Please make sure you can perform these five steps with your camera:

1) Set your new (electronic) camera to the "M"anual exposure mode "M".
Please make sure it is not set on "A", "P",  "S", or another letter. Your camera may be different.
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2) Manually set your aperture opening to f-5.6, f-8, f-11, or f-16, etc.

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3) Manually set your exposure time (shutter speed) to 125 (1/125 sec.), 60 (1/60 sec.), 1000 (1/1000 sec.), or 500 (1/500 sec), etc.

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4) Set your camera's exposure mode to spotmetering.   Spotmetering symbol usually looks like a rectangle with a small spot in the middle. Your camera may be different. Some cameras do not offer spotmetering.

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5) Determine the normal exposure for a given subject . This is usually done when by changing the shutter speed and/or aperture opening.
At the point of "normal exposure," a small pointer/index in the viewfinder will be positioned under 'O'. In some cameras it is positioned exactly in the middle of "+" and "-" signs in the viewfinder. Please note that your camera may be different. For this you may have to refer to your camera's manual.

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If you are confused please send me an e-mail. I may be able to help you to get started. Please specify your camera's make (Nikon, Canon, Pentax, etc.) and model (N70, N90, Rebel G, ZX-5N, etc.)

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